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    Senin, 18 April 2011

    Ipocket video by joey xoto iphone apps

    iPocket Video by Joey Xoto

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    Stand out from the competition, convert higher, and get prospects begging you to create videos for them with these little known secrets that will transform drab, low-quality phone videos into stunning works of art.

    A neat little hack on how to start and stop recording from your Smartphone without ever touching the phone. This allows you to control recording from distance and prevents shaky footage. You already have the one simple tool it takes to do this.

    While others invest in expensive cameras and lenses to achieve this, i'll reveal a simple inexpensive tool that will create the exact same effect on your Smartphone.

    See how I ensure that all of the Smartphone's traditional issues with exposure and focus disappear.

    You'll also have the power to control the white balance, manipulate the light source, and shoot in slow motion, sped-up motion, and more.

    Tap into all of the tools in my personal arsenal for shooting professional videos on my Smartphone.

    Learn about ADVANCED FILMING RULES & TECHNIQUES SUCH AS the rule of thirds, USING b-roll and other composition tricks to ensure

    Filming yourself (or someone else) talking on camera is a very popular video style, yet most are filmed wrong!

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