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    Selasa, 05 April 2011

    Bzzapps developer - private invitation iphone apps

    BzZApps Developer - Private Invitation

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    No matter whether niche marketing or local marketing is your thing. You need to get mobile or you'll be left behind.

    No matter what kind of apps you intend to build, this is the best place to start. Quickly get a feel for how easy it is to build an app, without pressure or deadlines.

    Build your app in no time, with point and click ease, using the drag and drop WYSIWYG editor. Then immediately test your new creation on your smart phone, iPhone or Android.

    Discover how to quickly assemble rich niche apps from your own content or even PLR. Then flesh it out with live RSS feeds from your website, a Facebook page, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest or practically any site with an RSS feed.

    Mobile business applications command a very high price and for good reason. There are things that mobile applications can do, that can't be done with a traditional on-line website.

    However until recently, the development costs of mobile apps, put them out of reach for most businesses.

    I don't need to tell you that mobile technology is hot right now and that businesses are scrambling to get on board.

    They're all very well aware of the smart phone phenomena sweeping through their community. What they don't know yet and are generally unaware of is: How they can turn this tsunami wave of mobile consumer devices, into dollars in their pocket.

    Right now there is a lot of low hanging fruit, waiting for you to pick, and...

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